What’s the premium on this?

Swift Specialty Welding registration is free of charge. When you hire one of our highly qualified contract personnel, you just pay the indicated hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours ended up working.

How do we pay our skilled workers?

Each worker is paid an hourly wage determined by their trade, the outcomes of written and hands-on testing, comments from previous employers, and their degree of expertise.

What types of welders are available for hire?

  1. Welders
  2. Pipe Welding specialists
  3. Structural Welding experts
  4. Rig hands,
  5. Combo welders

In what way may our welders be accessed?

Contact Swift Specialty Welders¬†and tell them what kind of expert you desire. Our professionals will work to find the employees who best match your requirements. After that, you’ll get information on the specific welder.

Can you tell me how to tell whether the welding you’ve done is up to the mark?

High-quality stick welds have straight, even weld lines. To avoid any spatter or fluctuation in layer thickness, this technique is employed. There are no blemishes on the bead, no breaks, and no cracks. Cracks or undercutting in the bead, as well as an inconsistent bead width or visible, spatter, indicate a faulty stick weld.

How do we guarantee satisfaction to our clients?

For this reason, we pledge that the welder we send to your job site will meet your expectations in terms of quality and have the abilities you asked, or we’ll send a replacement at no charge if you notify us within the first four hours of that individual’s arrival.